Eileen M. Galvez

Eileen M. Galvez

Higher Education Scholar-Practitioner


Eileen is against a wall with a mural of a navy blue background and tropical flowers in pink, and yellow orange gradient. She is wearing a pink blazer, a light pink blouse, dangling pink earrings, and her maroon rimmed glasses.


Hola, my name is Eileen M. Galvez, and I am a U.S. Salvadoreña, CentroAmericana, who grew up in the Crenshaw and Inglewood neighborhoods of Los Angeles. At sixteen, I moved to Texas, where I would spend ten years and consider all of these places home. I am a first-generation college graduate who grew up impoverished–a social classifications that would help shape how I view world constructs. For over a decade, I have worked at various colleges and universities, working with and for students, particularly marginalized student groups. I am currently in my ninth year as Assistant Dean & Directora of La Casa Cultural de Julia de Burgos at Yale University.

I am also a Ph.D. candidate of Higher Education at Colorado State University-Fort Collins. My combined lenses provide me the ability to be a higher education scholar-practitioner, to read and research theory, and be able to put theory into practice, and vice-versa. My interdisciplinary research examines colonial and imperial technologies of higher education and explicitly and politically centers the experiences, placemaking, and knowledge production of U.S. Central Americans and Isthmians. To do so, I engage with Central American epistemologies, histories, and cultural practices of revolutionary storying in my methodological explorations. 

As part of my commitment to uplifting Central American knowledge offerings, I work to support, develop, and promote the writing and voices of Isthmians through writing retreats, workshops, and socials alongside the brilliant members of the Central American & Isthmian Writers Collective.

My various interests and inquiries are fueled by my neurodiversity, which I embrace by nurturing my inner creative in various forms, including design, storytelling, and photography–check out some of my work below!

Eileen M. Galvez

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